Health Inspections Canada

Manitoba Restaurant Closures, Swimming Pool Closures, Body Modification Facility Closures, and Beach Water Advisories

The Province of Manitoba provides a list of restaurants, swimming pools, water recreational facilities and personal services facilities that have been closed by health inspectors. The links below will take you to web site where you can access this information. The files are in PDF format. You may need Adobe Reader to open them.

Manitoba Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Personal Services Facilities and other Closures.

The Province also provides water quality information for beaches in the province.

Manitoba’s Beach Water Quality Reports

Beaches Located in this Province

Lake Winnipeg's Beaches

Albert Beach, East Grand Beach, Gimli Beach, Grindstone Park Beach, Black Point Beach, Gull Harbour Beach, Hillside Beach, Hnausa Beach, Lester Beach, Matlock Beach, Patricia Beach, Sandy Bar Beach, Sandy Hook Beach, Spruce Sands Beach, Sunset Beach, Victoria Beach, Grand Beach, Winnipeg Beach.

Lake Dauphin Area Beaches and South Riding Mountain Area Beaches

Lake Minnedosa Beach, Lake Wahtopanah Rivers Campground Beach, Ochre Beach at Dauphin Lake, Rainbow Beach at Dauphin Lake, Rossman Lake Beach, Sandy Lake Beach, Sifton Beach at Dauphin Lake, Silver Beach.

Southwestern Manitoba's Beaches

Christian Enrichment Camp Beach at Rock Lake, Friesen’s Beach at Rock Lake, Killarney Lake Beach, Lake Metigoshe Beach, Oak Lake Beach, Pelican Lake Beach at Ninette, Pelican Lake Beach at the South End

Central Manitoba's Beaches

Birds Hill Lake East Beach, Birds Hill Lake Central Beach, Delta Beach on Lake Manitoba, Lake Minnewasta Beach, Lynch’s Point Beach on Lake Manitoba, Plum Coulee Reservoir Beach, St. Ambroise Beach on Lake Manitoba, St. Malo Reservoir Beach, Stephenfield Reservoir Beach, Twin Beaches.