Health Inspections Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador Restaurant Health Inspections

In Newfoundland and Labrador, health inspectors working for the Department of Government Services conduct health inspections of restaurants and other food establishments.

Communities located in Newfoundland and Labrador

Aaron Arm, Aaron Cove, Aaron Island, Abbot Cove, Abraham’s Cove, Adeytown, Admiral’s Cove, Admiral’s Point, Admiral’s Cove – Fermuse Harbour, Adnavik, Aillik, Alderburn, Alder Island, Alexander Bay Station, Allan Cove, Allan’s Island, Amelia Cove, American Cove, Amherst Cove, Amos Cove, Anderson’s Cove, Angel’s Cove, Angelbrook, Ann’s Cove – Burin, Ann’s Cove – Placentia, Anstey’s Cove, Antelope – Strait of Belle Isle,

Anthony Island, Apsey Beach, Apsey Brook, Apsey Cove, Apsey Point, Aquiller, Archie Campbell’s Cove, Argentia, Areige Bay, Arnold’s Cove Station, Aspen Cove, Assizes Harbour, Athlone, Aviron Bay, Avondale North, Brent’s Cove, Baccalieu Island, Bachelor’s Cove, Hamlet of Back Cove, Back Cove – Fogo, Back Cove – Burgeo, Back Cove – St. Barbe,

Back Harbour, Bacon Cove, Back Shore, Badger Bay, Badger’s Quay, Baie de Loutre, Bailey’s Cove, Bailey’s Point, Bait Cove, Bake Apple Bight, Bakers Brook, Baker’s Cove, Baker’s Head, Baker’s Tickle, Balcalhoa Island, Bald Nap, Baldwin Cove, Balena, Ballyntine Cove, Ballyhack, Balsam Bud Cove, Bane Harbor, Bank Head, Bannatyne Cove, Bar Haven,

Barachois, Barachois Brook, Barbaset, Bard Island, Bareneed, Barge Bay, Bar Point, Barr’d Harbour, Barren Island, Barrocks, Barrow, Barrow Harbour, Barrow Islands, Bartletts Harbour, Barton, Bassitt’s Harbour, Batteau, Bateau Cove, Battle Harbour, Bauline East, Bat’s Path End, Batteau, Battle Harbour, Bay d’Est, Bay de Este, Bay de L’Eau, Bay de L’Eau Island, Bay de Loup, Bay de North, Bay des Vieux, Bay du Nord,

Bay of Chaleur, Bay of Islands, Bayly’s Cove, Beaches, Beachy Cove, Bear Cove, Beau Bois, Beaumont, Newfoundland, Beaver Cove, Beaverton, Bell Island, Belldown’s Point, Bellevue, Benoits Cove, Benoits Siding, Benton, Berry Head, Betts Cove, Big Brook, Bishop’s Falls, Birchy Cove, Biscay Bay,

Black Duck, Black Duck Brook – Port-au-Port Peninsula, Black Duck Cove – Trinity Bay, Black Duck Cove – Great Northern Peninsula, Black Duck Cove – South Twillingate Island, Black Duck Pond, Black Island – Bay of Exploits, Black Island – Friday Bay, Black Tickle, Blaketown, Bloomfield, Blow Me Down – Port de Grave, Blow Me Down – Conception Bay, Blue Cove, Bluff Head Cove, Bluff Head Cove, Boat Harbour, Bobby’s Cove,

Bolster’s Rock, Boswarlos, Bottle Cove, Newfoundland, Boxey, Boyd’s Cove, Bradley’s Cove, Bragg’s Island, Brake’s Cove, Brazils, Bridgeport, Brig Bay, Brigus South, Bristol’s Hope, Britannia, British Harbour, Brigus Junction, Broad Cove, Brookfield, Brooklyn, Brookside, Brook Close, Brown’s Arm, Brown’s Cove, Brunette, Buchans Junction, Buckle’s Point, Bull Cove, Bunyan’s Cove, Burgeo, Burgoyne’s Cove, Burnt Cove, Burnt Island Tickle, Burnt Point, Butlerville, Butter Cove, Calvert, Campbell’s Creek,

Canada Harbour, Canning’s Cove, Cape Cove, Cape Freels, Cape Island, Cape Island, Bonavista, Cape la Hune, Cape Norman, Cape North, Cape Ray, Cape St. Charles, Cape St. Mary’s, Caplin Cove – Conception Bay, Caplin Cove – Trinity Bay, Capstan Island, Carrol Cove, Carter’s Cove, Cartyville, Castor River North, Cat Cove, Catalina, Cavendish,

Chamberlains, Champneys, Chance Cove Provincial Park, Chance Cove – Southern Shore, Chance Cove – Trinity Bay, Chanceport, Chapel’s Cove, Charles Brook, Charleston, Charlottetown, Chateau Bay, Chimney Cove, Chimney Tickle, Churchill Falls, Clarke’s Head, Clattice Harbour, Cobb’s Arm, Codroy, Coffee Cove, Coley’s Point, Comfort Bight, Coney Arm,

Connaigre, Conne River, Corbin – Fortune Bay, Corbin – Burin Peninsula, Cottrell’s Cove, Crawley’s Island, Crockers Cove, Croque, Cul De Sac East, Cul De Sac West, Cull’s Harbour, Cupids Crossing, Curling, Cuslett, Daniel’s Cove, Darby’s Harbour, Newfoundland, Davis Cove, Davis Inlet, Dawson’s Cove, Deadman’s Bay, Deadman’s Cove, Deep Bay, Deep Bight, Deep Cove,

Deer Harbour, Deer Island, Delby’s Cove, Diamond Cove, Dildo, Doctor’s Harbour, Dog Bay, Cove, Harbor, Donovans, Doting Cove, Dunfield, Dunville, Durrell, Eagle Bay, East Bay, Eastern Cove, Eastern Point, Eastern Tickle, East Point, Eddies Cove East, Eddies Cove West, Elliott’s Cove, Emily Harbour, English Harbour East, English Harbour West,

Epworth, Exploits, Eastport, Facheux Bay, Fair Haven, Fair Island, Fairbank, Fanny’s Harbour, Felix Cove, Fish Cove, Fishot Island, Flat Bay, Flat Bay Brook, Flat Bay West, Flat Islands, Flatrock, Conception Bay, Fleury’s Bight, Flowers Island, Ford’s Harbour, Foote’s Cove, Forrester’s Point, Fort Point, Fortune Bay, Fortune Harbour – Notre Dame Bay, Fox Island – Hermitage Bay, Fox Island – South Coast,

Fox Island River, Fox Point, Fox Roost, Foxtrap, Francois, Frederickton, Frenchman’s Island, Freshwater – Bell Island, Freshwater – Conception Bay, Freshwater – Placentia Bay, Fry’s Cove, Furby’s Cove, Gad’s Harbour, Gaff Topsails, Gander, Gander Bay South, Garden Cove, Garia, George’s Brook, Georges Cove, Georges Cove, Georgetown, Gin Cove,

Glovers Harbour, Golden Bay, Goobies, Goose Arm, Goose Cove, Goose Cove – Hare Bay, Goose Cove – Placentia Bay, Goose Cove – Trinity Bay, Gooseberry Cove – Placentia Bay, Gooseberry Cove – Trinity Bay, Gooseberry Island, Goulds, Goulds Road, Grand Bay West, Grand Beach, Grand Bruit, Grandois, Grandy’s Brook, Grandy’s Passage, Grates Cove,

Great Barasway, Great Brehat, Newfoundland, Great Brule, Great Codroy, Great Harbour Deep, Great Jarvis, Great Jervais, Greeleytown, Green Cove, Green Island Brook, Green Island Cove, Green Point, Green’s Harbour, Grey River, Grole, Gull Cove, Gull Island, Gullies, Halfway Point, Halls Town, Hamilton River, Harbour Buffett, Harbour Grace South, Harbour le Cou,

Harbour Mille, Harbour Round, Harcourt, Harry’s Brook, Harry’s Harbour, Hatchet Cove, Hatchet Harbour, Hay Cove, Head’s Harbour, Heart’s Delight, Heatherton, Hebron, Henley Harbour, Herring Neck, Hibb’s Cove, Hickman’s Harbour, Highlands, Hillgrade, Hillview, Hiscock’s Point, Hodderville, Hodge’s Cove, Hoop Cove, Hopeall, Hopewell, Horse Islands,

Horwood, Howard’s, Indian Cove, Indian Cove – Notre Dame Bay, Indian Harbour, Indian Pond, Indian Tickle, Iona, Ireland’s Bight, Ireland’s Eye, Irishtown, Island Cove, Island Harbour, Isle Valen, Islington, Ivanhoe, Ivany’s Cove, Jack Lane’s Bay, Jacques Fontaine, Jamestown, Jean de Baie, Jeffrey’s, Jerry’s Nose, Jersey Harbour, Jerseyside, Job’s Cove,

Journois, Julie’s Harbour, Kaipokok Bay, Keats Island, Kelligrews, Kerley’s Harbour, Kettle Cove, Kilbride, Killinek, King Island, Kingman’s, Kingston, Kingwell, Kitchuses, Knight’s Cove, Newfoundland, La Manche, La Manche Mines, La Poile, Lady Cove, Lake Siding, Lally Cove, Lancaster, Lance Cove, Langue de Cerf, L’Anse Amour, L’Anse-au-Diable, L’Anse aux Meadows,

Laurenceton, Lead Cove, Lester’s Point, Lethbridge, Lewisporte, L’Isle Rouge, Little Barasway, Little Bay West, Little Harbour, Little Harbour Deep, Little Harbour East, Little Heart’s Ease, Little Paradise, Little Port, Little Rapids, Little Ridge, Little St. Lawrence, Lobster Cove, Lobster Harbour, Loch Leven, Loch Lomond, Lockesporte, Locks Cove, Lockston,

Lomond, Long Beach, Loon Bay, Loreburn, Low Brook, Low Point, Lower Cove, Lower Island Cove, Lower Lance Cove, McCallum, McKay’s, Maberly, Maddox Cove, Mahers, Main Point, Mainland, Makinsons, Mall Bay, Man Point, Mansfield Point, Manuels, Manuel’s Cove, Margaree, Markland, Marquise, Martin’s Point, Marysvale, Matthews Cove, Mattis Point, Melrose, Merasheen, Merritt’s Harbour, Michael’s Harbour,

Middle Amherst Cove, Middle Arm, White Bay, Midland, Mill Cove, Miller’s Passage, Millertown Junction, Millville, Milton, Mint Brook, Mobile, Molliers, Monkstown, Monroe, Moore’s Cove, Moreton’s Harbour, Morley’s Siding, Mosquito, Mud Lake, Muddy Bay, Muddy Brook, Muddy Hole, Mulligan, Murray’s Harbour, Nachvak, Natuashish, New Bonaventure,

New Bridge, New Chelsea, New Ferolle, New Harbour, New Melbourne, Newman’s Cove, Newport, Newtown, Newville, Noddy Bay, Noggin Cove, Norman’s Bay, Norris Arm North Side, North Harbour, North West Brook, Northern Bay, Noel’s Pond, Ochre Pit Cove, Oderin Island, O’Donnells, Old Bonaventure, Old Shop, Open Hall, Newfoundland, O’Regan’s, Osmond, Otterbury, Outer Cove, Parsons Harbour, Pass Island, Patrick’s Cove, Perry’s Cove, Petite Forte, Petites, Petley, Philips Head, Piccadilly, Piccaire, Pigeon Cove,

Pikes Arm, Pinch Cove, Pinchard’s Island, Pines Cove, Pinsent’s Arm, Plate Cove East, Plate Cove West, Pleasantville, Plum Point, Point au Mal, Point Enragée, Point La Haye, Point Verde, Pollards Point, Pond Cove, Port Albert, Port Anne, Newfoundland, Port au Bras, Port au Port, Port aux Basques, Port de Grave, Port Elizabeth, Port Nelson, Port Royal, Port Union, Portland, Portland Creek, Presque, Princeton, Prowseton, Pumbley Cove, Purbeck’s Cove, Purcell’s Harbour, Pushthrough, Pynn’s Brook,

Quarry, Queen’s Cove, Quidi Vidi, Quirpon, Ragged Harbour, Ragged Islands, Ragged Islands, Ramah, Ramea Island, Random Island, Rantem, Rattling Brook, Red Cliff, Red Cove, Red Head Cove, Red Island, Red Island Placentia, Red Rocks, Redlands, Reef’s Harbour, Rencontre West, Renews, Richard’s Harbour, Roaches Line, Robinsons, Rock Harbour,

Roddickton, Rodgers Cove, Round Harbour, Round Harbour 2, Round Harbour 3, Round Harbour 4, Round Harbour 5, Roundabout, Russells Cove, Saddle Island, Safe Harbour, Sagona, Sailor’s Island, St. Andrew’s, St. Anne’s, St. Anthony Bight, St. Barbe, St. Carol’s, St. Catherine’s, St. Chad’s, St. David’s, St. Fintan’s, St. Jones Within, St. Jones Without, St. Joseph’s Cove, St. Jude’s, St. Kryan’s, St. Leonard’s,

St. Mary’s, St. Michaels, St. Patrick’s, St. Phillip’s, St. Stephen’s, St. Teresa, St. Thomas, St. Veronica’s, Salmonier, Samson Island, Sandy Point, Scilly Cove, Searston, Shearstown, Sheaves Cove, Sheshatshiu, Ship Cove, Ship Harbour, Shoal Brook, Shoal Cove East, Shoal Cove West, Shoal Harbour, Shoe Cove, Sibley’s Cove, Smith Sound, Smith’s Harbour, Snook’s Arm, Snook’s Harbour, Sop’s Arm, South Branch,

South Dildo, Southeast Bight, Southern Arm, Southeast Placentia, Southern Bay, Southport, Southwest Arm, Spanish Room, Spencers Cove, Spillars Cove, Trinity Bay, Spillers Cove, Stag Harbour, Stanhope, Stock Cove, Stoneville, Straitsview, Summerside, Summerville, Swain’s Island, Sweet Bay, Swift Current, Table Bay, Tack’s Beach, Taylor’s Bay, Tea Cove, Templeman, The Beaches, The Broads, The Dock,

The Droke, The Gravels, The Gut, The Keys, The Motion, The Neck, The Rooms, The Thicket, Thorburn Road, Thornlea, Thoroughfare, Three Arms, Three Mile Rock, Three Rock Cove, Newfoundland, Tibbos Hill, Tickle Cove, Tickle Harbor, Bellevue, Tickles, Tilt Cove, Twillingate, Tilton, Tizzard’s Harbour, Tompkins, Too Good Arm, Topsail, Tors Cove, Tory Town,

Toslow, Triangle, Trinity Bight, Trinity East, Trouty, Turks Cove, Upper Amherst Cove, Upper Burgeo, Upper Ferry, Upper Gullies, Upper Small Point, Upshall Station, Valleyfield, Newfoundland, Vardyville, Venison Islands South, Venison Islands West, Venison Tickle, Venoms Bight, Vere Island,

Victoria Cove, Villa Marie, Virgin Arm, Virgin’s Cove, Voisey’s Bay, Voy’s Beach, Wareham, Wandsworth, Waterville, Wesleyville, West Port, West Point, Western Bay, Western Cove, Weybridge, Whale Cove, White Point, Wild Cove, William’s Harbour, Wiltondale, Winsor, Winter Brook, Wolf Cove, Woman Cove, Wooddale, Woodville, Woody Island, Wreck Cove.