Health Inspections Canada

Nova Scotia Restaurant Inspections and Beach Closures

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture Food Safety Section is responsible for restaurant inspections and permitting of retail food establishment facilities, which includes restaurants, take-outs, grocery stores and other food-service facilities. They also administer the Provincial Meat Inspection Program.

The Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service closes beaches they supervise if conditions are unsafe.

The Halifax Regional Municipality tests water at beaches in their jurisdiction and closes them if bacterial counts are too high.

Nova Scotia's Communities

Acaciaville, Acadia Mines, Addington Forks, Admiral Rock, Advocate Harbour, Afton, Albany Cross, Albert Bridge, Alder River, Aldershot, Aldersville, Allendale, Alma, Alpena, Alton, Amherst, Amherst Head, Amherst Point, Annandale, Annapolis Royal, Antigonish, Antrim, Apple River, Arcadia, Ardoise, Argyle, Arichat, Arisaig, Ashdale, Aspen, Aspotogan, Athol, Atwoods Brook, Auburn, Aulds Cove, Avondale, Avonport, Aylesford, Aylesford Lake,

Baccaro, Baddeck, Bailey Brook, Baker Settlement, Ballantynes Cove, Balmoral Mills, Bangor, Bangs Falls, Barneys River, Barneys River Station, Barra Head, Barrachois Harbour, Barrington, Barrington Passage, Barronsfield, Barss Corner, Bartletts Beach, Barton, Bass River, Baxters Harbour, Bay St. Lawrence, Bayfield, Bayfield Road, Bayhead, Bayside, Bayswater, Beach Meadows, Bear Cove, Bear River, Beaver Brook, Beaver Cove, Beaver Harbour, Beaver River, Beaverbank, Bedford, Beech Hill, Beechville, Belle Cote, Belle-Marche, Belleisle, Belleville, Belliveau Cove, Belmont, Belnan, Ben Eoin, Bennetts Bay, Berwick, Bible Hill, Big Bras d’Or, Big Harbour, Big Harbour Island, Big Hill, Big Marsh, Big Pond, Billtown, Birch Grove, Birchtown, Bishopville, Black Point, Black River, Black Rock, Blanchard Road, Blanche, Blandford, Blockhouse, Blomidon, Bloomfield, Bloomington, Blue Mountain, Blue Rocks, Blues Mills, Boisdale, Boularderie, Boutiliers Point, Boylston, Bramber, Branch LaHave, Brazil Lake, Brenton, Breton Cove, Bridgetown, Bridgeville, Bridgewater, Brierly Brook, Brighton, Broad Cove, Brook Village, Brookfield, Brookfield Mines, Brooklyn, Brookside, Brule, Buckfield, Bucklaw, Buckley’s Corner, Burlington, Burnside, Burntcoat, Burtons,

Calendonia, Cambridge, Camden, Cameron Settlement, Campbell, Canaan, Canada Creek, Canard, Canning, Canso, Cap Le-Moine, Cape George, Cape George Harbour, Cape Negro, Cape North, Cape St. Marys, Capstick, Caribou, Caribou Mines, Caribou River, Carleton, Carrs Brook, Catalone, Central Argyle, Central Cove, Central New Annan, Central Woods Harbour, Centre, Centre Burlington, Centre Musquodoboit, Centrelea, Centreville, Chance Harbour, Chapel Island, Chaplin, Chapman Settlement, Charleston, Charlesville, Charlos Cove, Chasswood, Chebogue Point, Chegoggin, Chelsea, Cherry Hill, Cherryfield, Chester, Chester Basin, Chester Grant, Cheticamp, Cheverie, Chignecto, Chimney Corner, Chipman Brook, Christmas Island, Church Point, Churchover, Churchview, Churchville, Clam Harbour, Clarence, Clark’s Harbour, Clarksville, Clementsvale, Cleveland, Clifton, Cloverdale, Clyde River, Clydesdale, Coddies Harbour, Cogmagun River, Coldbrook, Coldstream, Cole Harbour, Collingwood Corner, Colpton, Comeau Hill, Comeauville, Concession, Conns Mills, Conquerall Mills, Cooks Brook, Copper Lake, Corberrie, Cornwallis, Country Harbour Cross Roads, Country Harbour Mines, Cove Road, Cow Bay, Craigmore, Creignish, Crescent Beach, Crousetown, Crowell, Crows Nest, Crystal Cliffs, Culloden, Nova Scotia,

D’Escousse, Dalhousie Road, Dalhousie Settlement, Danvers, Darlings Lake, Dartmouth, Dayspring, Dayton, Dean, Debert, Deep Brook, Deep Cove, Deerfield, Delaps Cove, Dempsey Corners, Denmark, Densmore Mills, Denver, Digby, Diligent River, Dingwall, Doctors Brook, Doctors Cover, Dominion, Donkin, Doucetteville, Drumhead, Dublin Shore, Dundee, Dunmaglass, Dunvegan, Durham,

Eagle Head, Earltown, East Apple River, East Bay, East Chester, East Chezzetcook, East Clifford, East Dalhousie, East Dover, East Earltown, East Ferry, East Gore, East Green Harbour, East Jeddore, East Kempville, East LaHave, East Mapleton, East Margaree, East Margaretsville, East Medway, East Mines Station, East New Annan, East Pubnico, East Quoddy, East River, East River St. Marys, East Ship Harbour, East Side Port l’Hebert, East Port l’Hébert, East Southampton, East Uniacke, Eastern Passage, Eastville, Economy, Ecum Secum, Egerton, Egypt Road, Eight Island Lake, Edlerbank, Elgin, Ellershouse, Elmsdale, Elmsvale, Enfield, Englishtown, Enon, Erinville, Eskasoni, Estmere, Eureka, Evanston,

Factorydale, Falkland Ridge, Fall River, Falmouth, Farmington, Fenwick, Finlayson, Five Islands, Florence, Folly Lake, Forbes Point, Forest Glen, Forest Hill, Forks Baddeck, Fort Lawrence, Forties, Forties Settlement, Fourchu, Fox Harbour, Fox Island Main, Fox Point, Fox River, Framboise, Franey Corner, Frankville, Fraxville, Fraser Mills, Fraserville, Freeport, French Cove, French River, French Village,

Gabarus, Gabarus Lake, Garden of Eden, Gardiner Mines, Garland, Gaspereau, Gays River, Gegogan Harbour, Georgefield, Georges River, Georgeville, Giant Lake, Gibraltar, Gilberts Cover, Glace Bay, Glen Alpine, Glen Haven, Glen Margaret, Glen Road, Glencoe, Glencoe Mills, Glencoe Station, Glendale, Glendyer, Glenelg, Glengarry, Glengarry Station, Glenholme, Glenmont, Goffs, Gold River, Goldboro, Goldenville, Gore, Gormanville, Gormanville, Goshen, Grafton, Grand Anse, Grand Etang, Grand Lake, Grand Lake Road, Grand Narrows, Grand Pré, Grand River, Grande Greve, Grandique, Granton, Grantville, Granville Centre, Granville Ferry, Graywood, Great Village, Green Bay, Green Oaks, Greenfield, Greenhill, Greens Brook, Greenville Station, Greenwich, Greenwood, Grosses Coques, Gulf Shore, Gullivers Cove, Gunning Cove, Guysborough, Nova Scotia,

Hacketts Cove, Hainsfield, Halfway Cover, Halfway River, Halfway River East, Halifax, Halls Harbour, Hammonds Plains, Hampton, Harmony Mills, Harpellville, Harrietsfield, Harrigan Cove, Harrison Settlement, Hassett, Hastings, Hatchet Lake, Havelock, Havre Boucher, Hay Cove, Hazel Hill, Head of Chezzetcook, Head of Jeddore, Head of Loch Lomond, Head of St. Margarets Bay, Heatherton, Hebbs Cross, Hebbville, Hebron, Hectanooga, Hemford, Herring Cove, Hibernia, Higginsville, Hilden, Hillgrove, Hillsburn, Hillside, Hillsvale, Hodson, Homeville, Hopewell, Horne Settlement, Hornes Rd., Horton Landing, Howie Centre, Hubbards, Hubley, Hunters Mountain, Hunts Point, Hureauville,

Indian Brook, Indian Gardens, Indian Harbour, Indian Harbour Lake, Indian Point, Inglisville, Ingomar, Ingonish, Ingonish Beach, Ingonish Ferry, Ingramport, Inverness, Iona, Ireland, Irish Cove, Issacs Harbour, Issacs Habour North, Italy Cross,

Jackson, James River, James River Station, Jeddore Oyster Pond, Joggins, Johnstown, Jordan Bay, Jordan Falls, Jordan Ferry, Jordanville, Judique,

Karsdale, Kelly Cove, Kempt, Kempt Shore, Kemptown, Kemptville, Kennetcook, Kentville, Ketch Harbour, Kingross, Kingsburg, Kingsport, Kingston, Kingsville, Kinsac, Kinsmans Corner, Kirkhill, Knoydart, Kolbec,

L’Archeveque, L’Ardoise, Labelle, LaHave, Lake Ainslie East Side, Lake Ainslie West Side, Lake Annis, Lake Charlotte, Lake Echo, Lake George, Lake La Rose, Lake Midway, Lake Paul, Lake Ramsey, Lake Uist, Lake William, Lakelands, Lakevale, Lanesville, Lansdown Station, Lantz, Lapland, Larry’s River, Latties Brook, Lawrencetown, Leitches Creek, Leminster, Lennox Passage, Lequille, Leville, Lime Hill, Lincolnville, Linden, Lingan, Linwood, Liscomb, Liscomb Mills, Lismore, Litchfield, Little Anse, Little Bras d’Or, Little Brook, Little Dover, Little Harbour, Little Narrows, Little Port l’Hébert, Little River, Little River Harbour, Liverpool, Livingstone Cove, Loch Broom, Loch Lomond, Lochaber, Lochaber Mines, Lockeport, Loganville, Londonderry, Londonderry Station, Lorne, Lornevale, Lorneville, Louis Head, Louisbourg, Louisdale, Low Landing, Lower Argyle, Lower Barney’s River, Lower Branch, Lower Caledonia, Lower East Pubnico, Lower Economy, Lower Eel Brook, Lower Middle River, Lower Ohio, Lower Onslow, Lower River Inhabitants, Lower Sackville, Lower Ship Harbour, Lower South River, Lower St. Esprit, Lower Wedgeport, Lower West Pubnico, Lower Woods Harbour, Lundy, Luneburg, Lynn, Lyons Brook, Nova Scotia,

Mandou, Mandou Harbour Mouth, Mandou Mines, Maccan, Mahone Bay, Mahoney’s Corner, Main-à-Dieu, Maitland, Maitland Bridge, Malagash, Malagash Station, Malagawatch, Malay Falls, Malignant Cover, Mansfield, Maple Grove, Mapleton, Maplewood, Marble Mountain, Margaree Centre, Margaree Forks, Margaree Harbour, Margaree Valley, Margaretsville, Marie Joseph, Marinette, Marion Bridge, Marriotts Cove, Marshlltown, Marshville, Marshy Hope, Martins Point, Martins River, Martock, Marydale, Maryville, Mason Point, Masstown, Mattie Settelement, Mavillette, Maxwellton, MaArras Brook, McCallum Settlement, McGrath Cove, McIntyre Lake, McKinnons Harbour, McNab Cove, McPhees Corner, McPhersons Mills, Meadowville, Meaghers Grant, Meat Cove, Medford, Medway, Meisners Section, Melanson, Melford, Melrose, Merigomish, Merland, Meteghan, Meteghan River, Meteghan Station, Middle Cape, Middle Clyde River, Middle East Pubnico, Middle Melford, Middle Musquodoboit, Middle New Cornwall, Middle Ohio, Middle River, Middle Sackville, Middle Stewiacke, Middle West Pubnico, Middlefield, Middleton, Middletown, Middlewood, Milford, Milita Point, Mill Cove, Mill Road, Mill Village, Millville, Milton, Minasville, Minesville, Mink Cove, Minudie, Mira, Mira Road, Mochelle, Molega, Monastery, Montague Gold Mines, Montrose, Moose Brook, Moose River, Moose River Gold Mines, Moosehead, Mooseland, Morden, Morganville, Morristown, Morvan, Moser River, Mosherville, Mount Denson, Mount Hanley, Mount Pleasant, Mount Thom, Mount Uniacke, Mulgrave, Murchyville, Murphy Cove, Murrays Siding, Mushaboom, Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia,

Nappan, Necum Teuch, Neils Harbour, New Albany, New Campbellton, New Canaan, New Canada, New Chester, New Edinburgh, New Elm, New France, New Gairloch, New Germany, New Glasgow, New Grafton, New Harbour, New Minas, New Ross, New Ross Road, New Russell, New Salem, New Town, New Tusket, New Victoria, New Waterford, New Yarmouth, Newburne, Newcomb Corners, Newcombville, Newport Corner, Newport Station, Newton Mills, Nicholsville, Nictaux Falls, Nictaux South, Nine Mile River, Ninevah, Noel, Noel Road, Noel Shore, North Beaverbank, North Brookfield, North Earltown, North East Harbour, North East Margaree, North Grant, North Gut St. Anns, North Harbour, North Kemptville, North Kingston, North Lochaber, North Noel Road, North Preston, North Range Corner, North River, North Shore, North Sydney, Northfield, Northport, Northwest, Northwest Cove, Norwood, Nuttby, Nyanza, Nova Scotia,

Oak Hill, Oak Park, Oakland, Ogden, Ogilvie, Ohio, Old Barns, Oldham, Oliver, Onslow, Orangedale, Ostrea Lake, Otter Brook, Outram, Overton, Oxford, Oxford Junction, Nova Scotia,

Paradise, Parkdale, Parkers Cove, Parrsboro, Peggys Cove, Pembroke, Pennant, Pentz, Pereau, Perotte, Petit Etang, Petite Rivière, Petit-de-Grat, Philips Harbour, Phinneys Cove, Pictou, Pictou Landing, Piedmont, Pinehurst, Pleasant Bay, Pleasant Harbour, Pleasant Lake, Pleasant Point, Pleasant River, Pleasant Valley, Pleasantville, Plymouth, Plympton, Plympton Station, Point Cross, Point Michaud, Point Tupper, Pomquet, Pomquet Forks, Popes Harbour, Port Bickerton, Port Clyde, Port Dufferin, Port Felix, Port George, Port Greville, Port Hastings, Port Hawkesbury, Port Hillford, Port Hood, Port Howe, Port Joli, Port l’Hébert, Port La Tour, Port Lorne, Port Maitland, Port Malcolm, Port Medway, Port Morien, Port Mouton, Port Philip, Port Royal, Port Saxon, Port Shoreham, Port Wade, Port Williams, Portapique, Porters Lake, Portee, Portuguese Cove, Presqu’ile, Preston, Prince Albert, Princeport, Prospect, Pubnico, Pugwash, Pugwash Junction, Nova Scotia,

Queensland, Queensport, Queensville, Quinan,

Rawdon, Rawdon Gold Mines, Red Islands, Red River, Renfrew, Reserve Mines, Richfield, River Bourgeois, River Denys, River Herbert, River John, River Philip, River Ryan, Riverdale, Riverport, Riversdale, Riverside, Riverton, Roachvale, Roberts Island, Rockland, Rocklin, Rocky Mountain, Roman Valley, Rose, Rose Bay, Roseway, Ross Corner, Ross Creek, Ross Ferry, Rossfield, Rossway, Roulston Corner, Round Bay, Round Hill, Round Island,

Sable River, Salem, Salem Road, Salmon River, Salt Springs, Sambro, Sand Beach, Sand Point, Sand River, Sandford, Sandy Cove, Sandy Point, Saulnierville, Scotch Village, Scotchtown, Scots Bay, Scotsburn, Scotsville, Seabright, Seafoam, Seaforth, Seal Harbour, Seal Island, Second Penninsula, Seffernsville, Selma, Shad Bay, Shag Harbour, Sheet Harbour, Sheet Harbour Road, Sheffield Mills, Shelburne, Shebrooke, Sherwood, Shinimicas Bridge, Ship Harbour, Shubenacadie, Shulie, Shunacadie, Simpsons Corner, Sissiboo Falls, Skir Dhu, Smelt Brook, Smithfield, Smiths Corner, Smiths Cove, Smithville, Somerset, Sonora, South Alton, South Bar, South Branch, South Brook, South Brookfield, South Gut St. Anns, South Harbour, South Maitland, South Milford, South Ohio, South Range, South Rawdon, South River Lake, South Uniacke, South Victoria, South West Port Mouton, Southamption, Southside Antigonish Habour, Southville, Southwest Margaree, Spanish Ship Bay, Spencers Island, Sporting Mountain, Springfield, Springhill, Springhill Junction, Springville, Spry Bay, Spry Harbour, St. Alphonse, St. Andrews, St. Anns, St. Bernard, St. Croix, St. Croix Cove, St. Esprit, St. Francis Harbour, St. Georges Channel, St. Joseph, St. Martin, St. Mary’s River, St. Paul, St. Peter’s, St. Rose, Stanburne, Stanley, Starrs Point, Ste. Anne du Ruisseau, Stellarton, Stewiacke, Stewiacke Cross Road, Stewiacke East, Stillwater, Stonehouse, Stonehurst East, Stormont, Strathlorne, Streets Ridge, Summerville, Summerville Centre, Sunny Brae, Sutherlands River, Sweetland, Sydney, Sydney Forks, Sydney Mines, Sydney River, Sylvester, Nova Scotia,

Tancook, Tangier, Tantallon, Tarbotbale, Tatamagouche, Tennycape, Terence Bay, The Falls, The Hawk, The Lookoff, The Ovens, Thomasville, Thomson Station, Thorburn, Three Mile Plains, Tiddville, Tidnish, Tidnish Bridge, Tidnish Cross Roads, Timberlea, Tiverton, Toney River, Tor Bay, Torbrook, Tracadie, Trafalgar, Tremont, Trenton, Trout Brook, Trout Cove, Trout River, Troy, Truemanville, Truro, Truro Heights, Tupperville, Tusket, Nova Scotia,

Union, Union Square, Upper Big Tracadie, Upper Branch, Upper Clements, Upper Clyde River, Upper Economy, Upper Falmouth, Upper Granville, Upper Hammonds Plains, Upper Kennetcook, Upper LaHave, Upper Lakeville, Upper Lawrencetown, Upper Margaree, Upper Middle River, Upper Musquodoboit, Upper Nappan, Upper Nine Mile River, Upper Northfield, Upper Ohio, Upper Onslow, Upper Rawdon, Upper Sackville, Upper South River, Upper South West Mabou, Upper Stewiacke, Upper Tantallon, Upper Woods Harbour, Urbania,

Valley, Valley Mills, Vaughan, Vernon Mines, Victoria Beach, Victoria Bridge, Victoria Harbour, Victoria Vale, Villagedale, Voglers Cove, Nova Scotia,

Wagmatcook, Walden, Wallace, Wallace Bay, Wallace Ridge, Wallace Station, Walton, Wards Brook, Washabuck Centre, Waterford, Waterloo, Waternish, Watervale, Watt Section, Waverley, Weaver Settlement, Wedgeport, Wellington, Welsford, Welshtown, Wentworth, Wentworth Centre, Wentworth Station, West Alba, West Arichat, West Baccaro, West Bay, West Bay Road, West Berlin, West Branch River John, West Brook, West Caledonia, West Chezzetcook, West Dalhousie, West Dover, West Gore, West Green Harbour, West Jeddore, West LaHave, West Lawrencetown, West Leicester, West Lochaber, West Mabou Harbour, West New Annan, West Northfield, West Pubnico, West River, West River Station, West St. Andrews, Westchester Station, Western Head, Western Shore, Westfield, Westmount, Weston, Westphal, Westport, Westville, Weymouth, Weymouth Falls, Weymouth North, White Point, White Rock, White Settlement, Whiteburn Mines, Whitehead, Whites Lake, Whycocomagh, Wileville, Williamsdale, Willowdale, Wilmot, Windsor, Windsor Forks, Windsor Junction, Windsor Road, Wine Harbour, Wittenburg, Wolfville, Woodville, Wreck Cove, Wyses Corner, Wyvern, Nova Scotia,

Yankeetown, Yarmouth, Young’s Cove, Annapolis County, Antigonish County, Cape Breton County, Colchester County, Cumberland County, Digby County, Guysborough County, Halifax County, Hants County, Inverness County, Kings County, Lunenburg County, Pictou County, Queens County, Richmond County, Shelburne County, Victoria County, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia.